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We welcome people from all traditions and from no tradition – anyone at any juncture of life.
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We journey and grow together through cutting-edge programs, practices, conversations, and community.
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We curate experiences rooted in knowledge and wisdom from diverse faiths and fields of study.
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Join a Learning Community Grounded in Love

Throughout life, moments occur when we realize we need...

A new understanding, a different perspective, a fresh way of seeing ourselves and our place in the world.  

At the Spiritual Life & Learning Center, we believe people are on a journey of self-discovery to realize their most true and beautiful life. We value this journey and exist to support it. Our main goal is to create safe and sacred space where each person, unconditionally accepted, may rise to the fullest expression of themself. 

At the Spiritual Life & Learning Center, you will find a community of people... 

Grounded in love, committed to growth and learning, willing to embrace doubts and questions, dedicated to listening, and determined to work toward peace and justice.

We honor each person as unique and acknowledge we are bound together, part and parcel of a Loving whole.

Please join us as we journey and grow together through cutting-edge programs, practices, conversations, and community.

Here you'll find a community of people who are... 

Grounded in Love

Committed to Growth & Learning

Embracing Doubts & Questions

Dedicated to Listening

Working Toward Peace & Justice

"A Place of Love"
by Katy Oberle

To celebrate our center’s new name in August 2022, we commissioned a new song written by Katy Oberle.  We hope you enjoy this song that captures the Spiritual Life and Learning Center’s essence.

Music and lyrics by Katy Oberle. Vocals and guitar: Katy Oberle. Copyright 2022, Katy Oberle. 

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