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We believe each person yearns to understand their true essence and purpose.

The Spiritual Life and Learning Center is a life-long learning community helping people navigate their unique journey toward personal development and well-being.

We welcome people from all religious and spiritual traditions and from no tradition – anyone at any juncture of life. 

We provide opportunities to:

  • Inform and enlighten the mind
  • Create space for insights to arise from the heart
  • Support well-being through mindfulness practices
  • Experience a deepening connection to the true self, the divine, and each other

Our Mission & Vision: Nurture Mind, Heart, and Body

The Spiritual Life & Learning Center offers pathways to nurture each person’s unique journey toward well-being.

We curate experiences rooted in knowledge and wisdom from diverse faiths and fields of study.

We create space for deep reflection, connection, and growth.

We journey and grow together through engaging programs, practices, conversations, and community.

We are grounded in love, fostering emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

We honor each person as unique and acknowledge we are inextricably bound together, part and parcel of a Loving whole.

Tai Chi

What We Do

The Spiritual Life & Learning Center provides opportunities to nurture your personal growth through experiences designed to challenge and enlighten the mind and deepen your connection to heart and body and your innermost being.

We provide opportunities for growth which embody mindfulness and compassion leading to transformational insights.

The Spiritual Life & Learning Center hosts leading voices representing Spirituality, Psychology, Sociology, Mindfulness, Social Justice and other fields of study.

We gather in small groups, classes, and online. We host keynote speakers, learning series, and spiritual retreats.

Our Values

Our hope is that you live your truest and most beautiful life.  Our events are created to support people in their psychological growth, spiritual transformation, and intellectual curiosity.

Unconditional love is at the root of all we do.  We value peaceful interactions, and we celebrate diversity to express our unconditional love for all people.

At the Spiritual Life and Learning Center, we truly believe that we learn and grown the most when we sit down and connect with people who have different life stories and different experiences than us.  If you are Muslim or Jewish or Christian or a “None,” you are welcome here.

All are welcome, valued, and respected here.

Please join us for an upcoming event to learn more about us.

Where We Gather

We are located in Columbus, Ohio. Our campuses include First Community South in Marble Cliff as well as their nearby Dublin location, First Community North.

We hold retreats in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, southeast of Columbus. We also co-sponsor enriching experiences throughout the Columbus metro area by partnering with other local organizations.

We strive to nurture a sense of community in an ever-increasing digital age, so we host many events on Zoom and offer many hybrid events so that people can even tune in online to our in-person events.